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When most mobile wireless networks were planned and deployed, providing the necessary outdoor coverage and capacity was primary while ensuring seamless coverage to the indoor environment was secondary. Now, the availability robust indoor coverage has become a significant competitive advantage for network operators. In addition, signal levels that were adequate for voice only cannot support the high data rate services available with EDGE, UMTS and CDMA2000 networks thus reducing the revenue from these services. Finally, Public Safety networks that cannot guarantee coverage in federal, state and local government agency facilities as well as primary private and public venues, have a severely limited value in supporting both government services, public safety and TETRA networks.

The major mobile wireless operators realized some time ago that reliable indoor coverage cannot be achieved simply by increasing the power from the outdoor cell sites. Indoor spot coverage systems for small sites and distributed antenna systems (DAS) for larger buildings must be engineered on a case-by-case basis. Such systems usually pick up the signal from the outdoor network using a Yagi or panel antenna and boost the signal with a repeater or bi-directional amplifier (BDA) that drives the indoor coverage system.

Dekolink provides off-air and fiber optic repeaters and BDAs for all standards with the reliability, features, performance and price so that any network operator can realize the competitive edge of providing robust indoor coverage within a reasonable budget. From the lowest power Micro-Repeater to the high power Digital Channel Selective Repeater, Dekolink repeaters and BDAs are commercial-grade products whose high reliability and ease-of-use has been confirmed by operators who have deployed them in the thousands.

All Dekolink repeaters feature highly selective filtering and the SmartALC (patent pending), a microprocessor-controlled, RF level control that ensures optimized, balanced coverage without cell performance degradation and without requiring high level engineering expertise. The Mini Repeater is powerful enough to drive an indoor distributed antenna system (DAS) to cover more than 50,000 sq ft (5000 m2) but is cost-effective enough to provide simple spot coverage. Versions are available for:

  • UMTS
  • GSM 850 (and other standards at Cellular Band)
  • GSM 900
  • DCS (GSM 1800)
  • GSM 1900
  • CDMA 850
  • CDMA 1900 (and other standards at PCS Band)
  • CDMA 450 (under development)
  • SMR 800
  • SMR 900

These repeaters support single as well as non-contiguous frequency bands. If a network has two or more non-contiguous bands in a given market, using a single band repeater to provide coverage will result in dropped calls as well as a high percentage of connection failures.

Dekolink's SMR800 repeaters support all phases of the US Rebanding without the need for replacing any hardware. The Digital Channel Selective Repeaters guarantee complete non-interfering coverage for larger venues in the busy SMR bands even in the presence of co-located SMR cell sites.

All status and control functions for Dekolink Repeaters can be locally and remotely accessed with Dekolink Wireless' Network Management Suite (Deko-NMS).

Dekolink Wireless' product suite for Indoor coverage can be found at: Mini-Repeaters and NMS.