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29 | 800-292-1700 • WWW.TELEPATHCORP.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS NO FACE MASK DETECTION POWERFUL TECHNOLOGIES TO ADDRESS THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF STAFF AND CUSTOMERS DETECTS AN INDIVIDUAL IS IN VIOLATION Once the feature detects an individual is in violation, this prompts an automated alert through Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) video management software. ABILITY TO SET-UP ALARMS Detect when a person is not wearing a face mask, with the ability to set-up alarms in ACC’s Focus of Attention interface, Radio Alert and ACC Mobile 3 app. CLOUD-BASED REPORTING Cloud-based reporting also displays face mask violations to show the times and camera location in the format of timeline histograms outlining where violations are most prevalent. ORCHESTRATE AUTOMATE WORKFLOWS. MANAGE OPERATIONS. CONFIGURE YOUR TECHNOLOGY. INTEGRATED WORKFLOWS Real-time holistic view of operations Rulebased event triage Secure connection across technology. AUTOMATED SERVICE Collect data from multiple sources Analytics-driven logic Automated escalation and notification. SELF-SERVICE PORTAL Single-pane organization Secure cloud-based cross-technology Intuitive, visual rule design. e communications, video and software that comprise your security em can be a time-consuming, challenging task. What if there matters most, and automate the rest? That’s why we created ndly and cloud-based interface tool that gives administrators te workflows that control their integrated security technology mated workflows also enhance efficiency as well as improve overall personnel safety. It equips your security network operations ed to detect triggers across a number of installed devices and f breaches and downtime by automatically alerting the appropriate cedure. Orchestrate makes managing your day-to-day operations e workflow management tool at your fingertips. Administrators can create rule-based, automated workflows between their technology sleeves to enhance efficiency as well as improve response times, effectiveness and overall safety. EXPLORE Define business logic with a simple to use, single-pane graphical interface CONFIGURE Create automated workflows for machine-assisted decision-making ACTIVATE Leverage analytics to trigger conditional logic, alerting and informing relevant teams solution, Orchestrate, is designed for your unique ecosystem. It rocesses, fully manage and optimize workflows, and deliver a e number and complexity of workflows can scale to meet the needs strate is a secure, cloud-based, cross-technology platform, users olutions from anywhere, at any time. ly challenged to do more with less — and to do it quickly, efficiently tecting people’s safety. When you are able to immediately recognize ted events, you are able to focus on the work at hand. Ensuring hine-assisted decision-making to complex workgroup action and powers you to address the unique challenges of your operation, our focus on what matters most. s KS Track status at every stage IMPROVE TRANSPARENCY Focus on high value activities INCREASE FOCUS Reduce manual effort BOOST PRODUCTIVITY plified. Do the Work. enges of your operation, automatically. PERATIONS