WAVE PTX eBrochure

42 800-292-1700 | WWW.TELEPATHCORP.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS PUBLIC TRANSPORT: SAFETY IS THE PRIORITY Every day, millions of people rely on public transport to travel to their destination, and keeping passengers safe in transit is vital. With WAVE PTX and TLK Series radios, drivers and operators can communicate from anywhere - whether it’s with each other or central dispatch. They can report updates, detours, or accidents, no matter where they are or which device they are using. A bus that’s forced to reroute due to an accident or weather event can instantly inform dispatch, which can then notify operators and stations quickly. Should a medical emergency arise on a train, the driver can communicate back to dispatch and coordinate help, protecting passengers efficiently and effectively. Plus, TLK Series radios remove the distractions of a smartphone, allowing drivers and operators to focus on the road and safely adhere to regulations that prohibit phone usage.