WAVE PTX eBrochure

37 800-292-1700 | WWW.TELEPATHCORP.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS MANUFACTURING: PRODUCING THE GOODS From goods inwards, through stores, to the shop floor, and onwards via outbound shipping, everything needs to connect seamlessly for a modern manufacturing facility to run smoothly. A single missing component or equipment breakdown can bring everything to a stop, reducing productivity and increasing costs. Efficient, reliable communications can keep everyone connected so they can collaborate effectively and get the job done. With WAVE PTX, managers can stay in touch when they travel off-site, drivers can have temporary access to on-site communications when dropping off or picking up and work teams can communicate instantly. Quickly locate maintenance engineers and direct them to a faulty production line, notify your team that a delivery is en-route from the security gatehouse and coordinate marshals during a fire drill – all at the push of a button. Teams and individuals can talk, text or share video and multimedia files to work together more closely, boost efficiency and enhance productivity. Install the WAVE PTX Mobile app on smartphones or deploy dedicated TLK Series devices to keep everyone in touch. You can even connect WAVE PTX to a MOTOTRBO two-way radio network for integrated communications between smartphone and radio users.