WAVE PTX eBrochure

22 800-292-1700 | WWW.TELEPATHCORP.COM PUSH-TO-TALK SOLUTIONS Make communicating easier and safer with these optional accessories from a simple PTT microphone to a complete hands-free solution. PMMN4129 Wideband Compact Mobile Microphone GMMN4065 Visor Microphone RLN4856 Remote Mount Footswitch Push-to-Talk RLN4857 Remote Mount Pushbutton Push-to-Talk PMMN4127 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (WM500) RLN4836 Emergency Footswitch MOUNTING ACCESSORIES Choose where to mount the radio without compromising safety. Extend the value of your previous purchases by using XPR 2500 mounting kits RLN6466 Low Profile Trunnion Kit RLN6467 High Profile Trunnion Kit RLN6468 Key Lock Trunnion Mount FTN6083 In-Dash Mounting Kit - DIN EXTERNAL SPEAKER Boost audio at your workstation or in your vehicle. AC000240A01 Wideband External Speaker, 16 W ANTENNAS AN000359A01 GNSS Dash Mount Antenna AN000358A01 LTE Antenna CABLES AND ACCESSORIES HKN4137 Mobile Power Cable 10 FT, 14 AWG, 15A PMLN8153 PS Adaptor and Cable HKN9327 Ignition Sense Cable HLN9457 GMMN4065 PMMN4129 RLN4856 RLN4857 RLN4836 RLN6468 RLN6466 FTN6083 RLN6467 PMMN4127 AC000240A01 TLK 150 MOBILE TWO-WAY RADIO ACCESSORIES DATA SHEET | TLK 150 MOBILE TWO-WAY RADIO 16 Pin MAP Connector Kit TLK 150 MOBILE TWO-WAY RADIO ACCESSORIES TLK RADIO ACCESSORIES